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It just keeps coming...

Okay, so, remember when the belt shredded on the car about a month ago? Paid like $450 to have it repaired, but then it was fine? Well, about 2 weeks later, it would start cutting off under a certain amount of rpm's; took it back to the same garage and they gave us some lame excuse of it being a valve something-or-another and that they "cleaned" it. If it starts doing it again, bring it back and they'd have to replace the part ($200 part, $200 or so for labor). It stopped, we kinda forgot about it.

Well, the wheel started making a bad squeeking sound last week (one thing after another, right?). Figured it was a wheel barring, I found a different garage that charges less to replace it. We drop it off Saturday morning for said repair, once it's finished they asked why we replaced it; explained why (because of noise) only to get the answer that it was fine and the brakes were SHOT. We leave it there again for them to have it repaired by 4pm for the brakes, turns out the pads were GONE. This made noise go away, great, good to go... right? We pay (another $400 for the entire day of labor/parts), get to like the second stoplight and it CUTS OFF AGAIN! UGH! Call the garage; take it back there; they say it'll be Monday afternoon before we know anything. So, all day yesterday they are trying to figure it out, we have them replace Spark plus and the oil while they are at it (all this stuff could make the car act up); finally they come to the conclusion that it's the crank sensor. This makes sense as it is about a quarter of an inch away from the pully were the belt shredded. They actually show it to us and it's obvious the sensor has also been shredded. Oh, but wait, I haven't gotten to the best part yet. It's a special order part that won't be in until Wednesday morning! Sooo, still with no Toyota back and ANOTHER $360 later, we MIGHT finally get a well running car back tomorrow afternoon.

This also means that since we are LEAVING for JACKSONVILLE tomorrow afternoon, we have to get off early (him at 1pm and hopefully myself at 2pm) to get the car from Fairfax, bring it home/pack it up and then finally leave. Fun times to be had~ and now 3 credit cards are pretty much maxed that we haven't even used until now (they were for emergencies, like this -.-)... fun fun times~

Soooo, in other news. I have both Fran chapters just about ready for the update today or tomorrow. I'm trying to get Lucu 23 ready as well (we will see how the night goes). I'm also excited to hear that Sakura Gari volume one is out! The cover is gorgeous; within it there a free-talk from Watase that explains on how the entire idea has finally come together and that there will be 3 volumes total, which is about how long I was expecting it to last at it's current rate. So, I'll be buying that once it's in stock in the next week or two~ good times, good times~ (sorta >_>)


I just wanna go home...

So, boss is going on vacation all next week. Somehow EVERY client called with an emergency today between 1pm and 4pm. She had a client to go meet out in town at 4pm. Got there around 4:30 because of said emergencies and asked me (nicely) if I would stay until she got back in order to go over some things for the coming week. We've been trying to do this ALL freakin' day! Soooo, here I am waiting. Trying to PATIENTLY wait, but it's Friday, it's been another loooong week and I'm getting starved. And there are these DELICIOUS COOKIES... CHOCOLATE COOKIES, staring at me. o.o

What am I going to do~~~? I gotta get outta here before the cookie gets the better of me. >< ...Wanna go home and make teriyaki salmon for dinner and be healthy and junk. *sigh* ....Oh, she just called. Just now leaving, will be here in 10 minutes. Can I make it 10 minutes with the DELICIOUS COOKIE staring at me? We shall see...... we shall see......


I never knew....

Just how many people aren't wearing the right bra size. I know it can be a touchy issue for many, but I had it to the point where I didn't care -what- size they were, I just wanted one that fit! Turns out that many people are actually F-H cups out there and are just cramming themselves into C and D because that's what you find in every store EVERYWHERE, so that's what you should be wearing, right? Not the case. T_T

I don't find mine to be overly huge, larger than the 'normal' woman that doesn't weigh 250 pounds, yes... but no overly huge by any means. Turns out that I actually needed a freakin 32 H to have one fit properly. Yes, a freakin' H cup... It still feels kinda weird, but I'm getting more used to it the more I have it on, plus they aren't bouncing all over the place anymore! ha! XD ...So to any woman that is reading this, go get yourself fitted properly if you haven't already. I ended up at Nordstroms, they actually have F-I cups in stock there with most band sizes as well. Don't go to Sears, JCPenny, Victoria Secrets or any of those freakin' places if you might not be a 'normal' cup size (ie, have none). Do yourself a favor and just get the right size, you'll feel better afterwards, trust me.

Now I just have to buy a few sports bras, those they didn't have in my size there. Looks like I'll be shelling out $50-$60 each online for them. That'll have to wait a bit longer. >_>

So, now that the journey for a bra is over (I've been going through this for awhile now) I can concentrate on other things! Well, probably just back to the manga, but eh... that's my life. Almost caught up with Fran (hopefully within the next two weeks), hubby helping with cleaning will help a lot. Still working on these older Watase series, I had ANOTHER person e-mail me about translating today! Yet, only one offer for an edit, that I still need to look it. What's up with this? It was always 10 to 1 ratio for editors to translators in the business (since, like 6-7 years ago when I started)... where'd all these smart translators come from!? Then again, where did all of the bored editors go!? An interesting hobby I have here...

Man, I gotta work on my AMV this weekend. May 15! Due May 15th! Ha........


Yay! I have no idea why I'm awake!

So, I woke up at 5:30 this morning and couldn't seem to go back to sleep (ever just be very awake for no reason? That's me right now). So, I dunno why, but I'm very awake. Might use this time to get my chapter typeset, but I dunno yet.

So, I would be updating more, but work has actually been extremely busy. Which is good, but I'm ready for my break next week. Boss is going on vacation for the entire week and I'll be off Thursday and Friday to head back down to Jacksonville to see my sister, her husband and my niece (seeing my 2 year old niece for the first time). It'll be the first time I've seen them in over 5 years, they don't even know my husband... so this shall prove to be interesting. How I feel about it? I'm just ready for a break and my massage appointment next Thursday. XD

In other news, I got my game that I've been waiting for. "The World Ends With You", it's a DS game from the masterminds behind Kingdom Hearts for the DS. I'm about 3 hours into it right now and it's proving to be interesting and difficult already. It plays out like a text adventure (the best way I know to describe it) and RPG. You "scan" in order to read people minds (instead of walking up and randomly talking to people) and all of the conversations take place with the cell-shaded characters and comic bubbles (nearly no voice acting, which is good, 'cuz it's dubbed). The music seems to be very interesting as well, though I'm wishing for more variety (which might be to still come). The battle system is real-time with a series of scratching and such using the stylus, but what adds more depth than other DS games have done so far is that you control two characters at once. Your main guy (see icon) on the bottom w/ the stylus and then your partner on the top with pre-determined set of moved with the control pad or buttons (up, up, up, down, left = move, ect.) ...The game also moves in real time (you spend 30 minutes on something, they do too), I'm highly enjoying it so far~

Oh, and I am currently downloading the Zettai Kareshi drama, it's finally been subbed! Yay!
Anyways, might update more later today depending on work. 'Till then, ja~

I'm a little confused...

So, I've been pretty strictly dieting and exercising five times a week (at least an hour of walking or some other form harder exercise) for two or three weeks now and I still haven't lost a pound. I know you can just get frustrated by looking at the scale, but from all of the stuff I've been reading, you should lose at least a pound a week when trying (especially at first), if not you need to change what you're doing. Well, it looks like I need to change what I'm doing. I haven't been strict enough on the diet part for one, I actually had hot cocoa and a donut yesterday... yeah, that's not going to happen again for a good long while. I've been pretty serious about both the diet and exercise though which is what makes it so frustrating.

The only other thing I could think of was the sugar intake (no matter what I look at that I eat, the sugar intake looks freakin' high)... I find out from numerous websites (one of which broke down the different kinds of sugar) that overall for a 1600 calorie diet (which I've, with the exeption of one or two days, have been on) you should only be getting like 24 grams of "extra" sugar. This is the kind found in just about any drink other than water, pure sugar of any kind (including high frutose corn syrup and honey) and fruits. Sure, I understand a little bettter now how fruits are still healthy (which I knew) and more on the reasoning behind that, but this 24 gram thing is pretty crazy in today's world. Just one beverage (whether it be smoothie, hot cocoa, juice) has around 40 grams. Sooo, I'm confused. For anyone that might actually be wondering, this is what my "normal" day would consist of:

If you're really interested....Collapse )

What makes things worse is that I don't remember ever losing weight in my life without starving myself. Which is very sad, but true, I don't really want to have to do that again. I've read over and over that eating "small" meals every 2-3 hours is the best way to lose weight, but I'm just not able to do that. Between being at work 8+ hours a day and then not having the time to do that at home as well (and still fit in the exercise!) this whole situation just gets more aggravating. All I know is that for the next month, I'm going to be 100% serious on every calorie I intake and not just say "heck with it" and eat that freakin' donut... I will see how that goes and if I still don't lose weight I'll have one of two options left- starve myself or go seek a professional. The first option is cheaper and likely the one I'll choose. >_>


Too much to do~

I have decided that I have too much stuff to do and not enough time in the day to do it. @_@ ...Not only have I not had time to get some 'real' exercise in for a few days (all of that walking over the weekend though, I'm counting that as my exercise XD), but now I feel I'm falling behind in a lot of things. See, this is what I have to do.

Foils - At least 4 for the art auction, I am planning three Watase/Fushigi Yuugi and then probably a Ghost in the Shell (which was by request). I might also enter some of the 8x10's I've already done incase I don't get a table (starting at like $10, it'll be something, ya know?)... Going to do more if time permits (ha!)

AMV - I have about 2 minutes done of a 4 1/2 minute video, I REALLY have to get going on this as the deadline for Animazement is May 15th and since there's a likelyhood of me not getting a table right now, I would like to have something to look forward to there. This is probably the one I'm most stressed about 'cuz I haven't touched it in like 3 months!

Manga - I'm drawing myself thin now. I've had three people e-mail me recently regarding translating Watase manga. Which is great! Don't get me wrong on that, I was seriously frustrated for a long while due to lack of interest, now it's looking like we might actually FINISH EVERYTHING by the end of the year. After that I'll be keeping people around for the following: the Sakura Gari translator for all new chapters of that, the person that's doing the recent One-Shots (and old stuff when they run out) for anything else she decides to publish and then the new guy (yay for the new guy!) who is currently working on SMO and gave me the most recent blog posting for, well, all of the new blog postings! Soo, that shall be interesting.

That leaves me editing (and scanning for that matter, I'll dwell on this in a moment -.-); Nanako (joint with group giving proofed translations), SMO (new guy is doing this) and then the older works in Gomen Asobase(!) ect (there are three volumes left to do). I have scripts for Nanako already, I'll be getting in SMO very shortly (this guy is quick!) and I'm thinking the first of those three volumes will be done within a month completely for translations. I think I'm going to need to beg for a good editor to help me here. >_>;;

And that's just the Watase stuff! Brings me to snoopycool projects of Franken Fran (2 chapters per week for another three weeks, then one a month), Lucu Lucu (probably 2-3 chapters a month) and finally the new Anzai manga (assuming the plan falls into place, that is) which I will be typsetting with another experienced editor there cleaning. @_@

Coming back around to that scanned now~ I went to start editing Nanako yesterday, only to realize that the scans I've had hanging around for forever (like 2-3 years?) are crappy! Like, horribly so. -.- ...After playing with trying to scan my books in without killing anything for about an hour, I give up and *gasp!* go to the microwave! Yup, I killed me out-of-print Watase books (well, when I'm done it'll be Nanako, the first three older collections and the first six volumes of SMO). They will all be de-bound, but scanned beautifully! I'll be frequenting eBay looking for another set of these as soon as possible and will take donations for them! (begging on the site next update, ha!) XD ....So, not only editing, but now scanning is on the top of my list as well. I believe it'll take about 1 1/2 to 2 hours per volume of manga now. >_>

Soooo, after "wasting" all night last night with the scanning, this is where I sit. I think I have too much on my plate because I still have exercise, reacreation and general things to do with my time off as well. I'm really excited to be getting this stuff done finally, but for it to all hit me at once is a little much. I'm probably going to scan some more tonight and then hopefully at least get those scans cleaned. Maybe I'll be able to work on my AMV this weekend? We shall see~

Sakura Gari Chapter 3 - Released!

Alright everyone! Sakura Gari Chapter 3 has now been release, you can hop on over to http://www.yuuwatase.org to download it~ ...I'm interesting to hear peoples opinions on this chapter, I know I'm completely taken by this series now, Watase-sensei has become even more amazing with her level of story and character development. As a side-note, I forgot to mention here when I updated last week with the Pandora's Cube one-shot, so if you haven't read that already, it's also up in it's appropriate section! Thanks everyone and enjoy!

This will be cross-posted to the sakura gari community, watase and my personal journal.

I blame the bird...

Ever have one of those mornings where you wake up for a really annoying reason and it bugs you so much that you never get back to sleep? That was my morning, ya see, since the weather was so nice last night we left the windows in our bedroom open. Little did I realize that there would be the MOST ANNOYING BIRD EVER outside of said open windows at 5am! So, after I spent a few minutes closing the windows, using the bathroom and laying back down I could STILL hear it. Then, my stomach started growling (dinner last night, turned out to be not so good =.=)... so, I got up, over 2 hours before I normally would.

What good has come of this you ask? Well, not only did I finish download an anime off of mIRC I've been working on for a few days now (mIRC = one episode at a time *sigh*), but I also finished Sakura Gari chapter three! Geez, the graphic nature of this chapter still catches me a bit. It is in the proofing stages right now and will hopefully be released later tonight. Luckily I also only have to typeset one chapter of Fran tonight and that should be it for this weeks stuff.

As for tonight, hoping to get some form of exercise in (will go outside to exercise if it stays nice out by the time I get off work), dinner, that one chapter and then I dunno yet. Tomorrow we are going to hit up the Cherry Blossom festival at some point along with the baseball game at 1pm (yet, another perk from my job >D), Sunday we're off to see the Japanese gardens at this botanical place in D.C. ...unfortunatly there still isn't much money to go around, but fortunatly nothing I just listed will cost that much to do.

Manga-wise you ask? (not really XD) ...I got an offer to do Musubiya Nanako as a joint project (they are translating/proofing and I am going to provide the scans/edits), so I will be working on that in the down time (they already sent two of the three chapters over to me o.o), Sakura Gari chapter 4 comes out on 6/13 (I think) and I'll probably be start on Anzai's new work here with Snoopycool in two weeks (Anzai=creator of Flame of Recca and Mar)... All this on top of two chapters of Franken Fran a week (for only another 3-4 weeks thankfully, then one a month) and the occasional chapter of Lucu Lucu.

On the final note, I need to work on my AMV, the deadline it fast approaching (May 16th I think) >_> ...I also gotta get these foils to enter into the auction at Animazement done (May 21st). Nya~~~

A 'lil update

Okay, I'm updating right now because I just got a few minutes to sit down and relax here at work, but I have nothing better to do. Basically, all goes pretty well still. I'm glad it is Thursday though, just one more day and this week is over. o.o ...It has been extremely busy at work this week, I get home + exercise and then the night is over it seems (not to mention hubby has been falling asleep at 8-9pm again ><)... so yeah, I just want this week to be over.

Yesterday we had a freakin' stupid argument about cleaning and folding clothes (I was trying to nicely tell him he wasn't putting my stuff away properly, so I couldn't find it) and it blew up into a huge arguement all afternoon. Luckily, one we both got home around 6pm, took a few deep breaths and decided it was freakin' stupid. I nicely explained how to fold/put away my stuff, we finished cleaning stuffs that had been put off for awhile (our Bathroom was starting to look like Merrell's, haha! ..... *poke*... it was a joke >_>) and finished the night by eating too much of the leftovers from prior night and sleeping (well, he slept at 8:30, I working on Sakura Gari 'till 11pm XD).

All is well I believe, I'm rather content today. Gonna go out for dinner and relax after having such a harsh week. Hmmmm...

As for the manga! I'm up to page 36 of the 62 page Sakura Gari chapter 3. I figure once I hit around the mid-forties it should fly by, since there's very little text on most page (it's been VERY text heavy up until now, taking forever o.o) ...I'm actually reading it for the first time as I go, so I'm very enthralled with it and would like to finish a.s.a.p... unfortunatly it'll still probably be Saturday night or Sunday before it's finished do to me doing stuff the next couple of days and also having a deadline from Fran and Lucu... but we shall see!


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